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Auto Accident Injury

Being in a car accident can be traumatic, both mentally and physically. The impact of the accident can cause painful injuries, including whiplash, back pain, head injuries, and many others. Immediately after the accident, you should see a doctor. You will need a complete checkup to make sure that you have no broken bones or internal injuries. After, you should schedule an immediate appointment with a chiropractor. A chiropractor can help after a car accident injury. Before you do a Google search for "chiropractor near me," schedule an appointment with Makati Chiropractic Center in Pacifica, CA. There are several ways that a chiropractor can help bring about significant relief from pain.


Pain Reduction

After a car accident injury, you are going to be in pain. Pain medication is an option. However, prescription pain relievers can be addictive and limited in response. Some of these medications can make you dizzy, uncoordinated, and feel like you are in a fog. Because of this, you cannot take these pills if you are working, driving, or doing anything that requires your undivided and unaltered attention. To relieve your pain in as natural a state as possible, you should schedule an appointment with a chiropractor. When the chiropractor performs joint manipulations and corrections, it stimulates the release of pain-reducing hormones. This will reduce your need for potentially harmful pain medications.

Reduced Inflammation

It is not uncommon to suffer from tiny tears in your ligaments and muscles after an accident. These small tears won't show up on most diagnostic tests, but they are still very present and painful and can cause severe inflammation. During a chiropractic manipulation, your body will release an excess amount of IL-6, which is a natural anti-inflammatory. This substance reduces your pain level while helping to improve the healing time of any torn fibers.

Improved Range of Motion

Car accident injuries, particularly neck and back injuries, often cause inflammation. This inflammation can significantly reduce your range of motion and slow the healing process. A chiropractic manipulation will help decrease inflammation and improve your range of motion. This will help you to start feeling better far sooner than if you didn't see a chiropractor.

Return to Your Life Faster

If you have been injured in a car accident, schedule an appointment with Makati Chiropractic Center. We are located on the border of Daly City in the Pacifica Fairmont Shopping Center (Highway 35 and Hickey Boulevard) with lots of free parking for your convenience. We can treat any car accident injury, including whiplash, back pain, arm, and leg pain. If you live in the Pacifica, CA area, don't waste your time searching for a "chiropractor near me." We are one of the best in the business of healing and can usually have you feeling relief after your first visit. We’re ready and available to aid and assist you, so call us now at (650) 738-8080 to schedule an appointment or request an appointment online today. We welcome you to our practice!!