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Neck and Spinal Trauma

Car accidents are traumatic events, even when they do not result in an obvious injury. The residual effects of a car accident can linger for a long time. Neck and spinal trauma in particular can have long-lasting and lingering effects that can make daily life difficult. Fortunately, Makati Chiropractic Center is committed to providing natural and effective chiropractic care for neck and spine trauma to residents of Pacifica, CA, and the surrounding areas. We are located on the border of Daly City in the Pacifica Fairmont shopping Center (Highway 35 and Hickey Boulevard) with free parking for your convenience


Neck and Spinal Trauma

A car accident can damage your neck and spine in several ways. For example, the impact of a car accident can dislocate intervertebral discs in the cervical spine. This can result in a slipped disc between the vertebrae. The outcome is nerve-damage, pinched nerves, numbness, pain, and weakness. This can affect more than just the neck and the spine. The discomfort can travel down the neck to the shoulders, arms, hands, and fingers.

Effective Care From Our Chiropractor

Chiropractors play a key role in car accident injury recovery. Neck and spinal trauma are common results of a car accident. The force from colliding with an object can put a tremendous amount of stress on the spine, leaving those involved with whiplash and other associated injuries. Adhesions, which are bands of scar-like tissue, often form following a car accident. When a person develops adhesions, tissues and organs can stick together, restricting movement and impairing body function. Adhesions can also be quite painful. Our chiropractor can step in, assess your injury, and create a chiropractic care plan to encourage healing and restore your strength.

Visit Our Chiropractor

Our chiropractor has the skills to target specific areas of injury and begin the healing and strengthening process. This often includes breaking up scar tissue which can speed up the healing process. Massage can also play a role by breaking down collagen fibers, which can result in scar tissue. Neck and spinal trauma treatments like these can decrease pain and speed up the healing process.

At Makati Chiropractic Center in Pacifica, CA, our chiropractor understands how painful and debilitating the lingering effects of a car accident can be. For more information about neck and spinal trauma or to schedule an appointment, call us at (650) 738-8080.